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Whether you are an online retailer or an offline business in need of a credit line, we’ve got you covered.

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A flexible credit line can make a world of difference to your growing business

A dynamic business like yours needs optimised cash flows to keep growing and adjust to fluctuations in demand. Having a credit line gives you the flexibility to grow your business comfortably and react quickly to market opportunities.

Unlike taking a loan, you don’t need to borrow more than you need.

A credit line lets you keep drawing funds until you reach your credit limit.  Each time a repayment is made, your line tops itself up.

No personal credit score

Unlike other financiers, we don’t base our credit assessment on your personal credit score. We provide a customised credit evaluation on your business with the quickest response time.

Pay a single fee

One of the many benefits is that you don’t have to pay any set-up fees or processing fees. You are only charged for the amount you draw from the line, for however long you need funds.

Draw funds on demand

View your financials in one secure place and choose how much and when you want to draw funds. Take charge of your cash flow!

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