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Funds to grow your Business with Xero

Business Funding for Small and Medium Business

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Built for Small and Medium Businesses

Finaxar understands the challenges small and medium business face and created a product that makes it easy to grow their business by availing flexible credit facility. As a direct lender,  we are in a position to commit to your business in for the long run.

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Growing your business is time consuming. Hence we have made the process to avail financing easy and effortless. With our direct integration with Xero and other trade platforms, we provide seamless access to finance.

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You pay a single fee on the amount withdrawn. No hidden setup fees, processing fees or termination fees. It’s that simple.

“Business wait an average of 60 days to get paid in Singapore”

According to the latest Working Capital Study done by PriceWaterhouseCooper in Singapore, small and medium businesses may need to wait as much as 106 days to get paid. Easy working capital solution provided by Finaxar is a great solution to on-going cash-flow volatility


of sectors need higher Working Capital to grow


Amount of working capital needed to grow sales

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Finaxar offers flexible credit line that provides businesses ability to grow without taking on more debt than what they absolutely need. This a unique product made for small and medium businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we answer regularly

I do not need the money, how can Finaxar help?

Finaxar aims to build long term partnership with small businesses. For this we provide working capital not only during times of cash flow constraint, but also to help grow. 

We provide flexible credit facilities, with no long term commitment. Further, as you avail financing from us (as small amount as you may need), you are building a credit history with us which helps you avail larger financing at better rates as your business grows, which may not have been available to you when you start applying for financing.

How can a Finaxar Line of Credit benefit your business?

Most business experiance slow sales, late invoice payments. Successful business will also have urgent unplanned expenses or short-term situations where cash flow is uncertain. 

Finaxar's credit facilities provides access to extra working capital, which can mean the difference between surving the tough times and coming out on top.  

What is Finaxar line of credit? How is it innovative and different ?

Finaxar's line of credit is a financial facility which is similar to business credit card. In contrast to a term loan, Finaxar line of credit does not provide a lump sum of cash that requires monthly repayment schedule. Instead, it offers the borrower access to capital up to a certain amount. Similar to using a business credit card, you can access the capital as you need it to pay for business expenses. The balance on a line of credit is “revolving,” meaning that you can carry the balance from month to month and interest is calculated based on the amount you draw. The repayment of the credit line is aligned to payments that you receive from your customers. So in case of Invoice financing, Finaxar will wait for your buyers to pay (with NO overdue fees). As the drawdown amount (called the “principal”) is repaid from the receivables from your customers, your available credit goes back up to your limit, allowing you to replenish your credit and use it again.

How can I offer Better Payment Terms To Win More Business using Finaxar Invoice Financing Line?

More often than not, most small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not in the position to offer shorter term invoices for a number of reasons. For example, some customers are used to those longer payment terms, and taking away those terms may cause customers to take their business elsewhere.

In some cases, shorter terms aren’t an option for your clients because they have expenses of their own and are simply unable to pay earlier. In some industries, offering a longer payback period is part of a larger negotiation strategy for getting the best deals. These are just a few of the reasons why many small businesses holding outstanding invoices turn to invoice factoring as a strategy for reducing their cash flow gap.

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“Innovative solutions and flexibility to meet client needs, a well-coordinated team that worked seamlessly to meet client objectives, and a focus that delivered on client goals exceedingly well. I would recommend Finaxar to all SMEs as a boutique that disintermediates and disrupts the invoice discounting banks very effectively.”

Avirup Chakraverty


“We’re excited about our partnership with Finaxar to pilot an innovative financing solution for our users of EzyProcure, alleviating cash flow pain points that have plagued both buyers and suppliers at an industry-wide level.”

Edmund Louis Nathan


Driven through Relationships

Our technology driven approach of providing innovative small business financing is one of the first in South-East Asia ! However, we are most proud of the relationships we are building with small business owners in region

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